Sunday, May 17, 2009

My front porch and I need some HELP please!!!

I am in need of some help.
My husband pulled out my bushes and tilled the ground for me today.
I need some gardeners help.
My "green thumb" never kicked in and I have no idea what to plant in this space.
I am completely clueless and open for suggestions.
Behind the fence is english ivy.
I would like plants that come back every year.

My husband found the picket fence in the trash and it hides our air conditioning unit.
He made the bird feeder from a post we had from our old four post water bed.

This is the corner of my house in the back. He found the wheel barrel in the trash. I normally buy 2 hanging petunia baskets and cut the handles off then place them in the wheel barrel.
He made me the bird feeder from an old spindle and rusty pan.

When we bought the house 11 years ago, I only had a concrete stoop.
He built this porch and the also put on the roof.
He refused to have a porch without a roof.

Here is a set of chairs he made last year for us.
I love them!!

Every porch needs a swing right???
He also made the mustard bench, the salt box house, and our address numbers.