Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don't throw away those pumps!!!

I have bought many Bath & Body works anti bacterial soaps over the years along with lotions and shower gels. When I have used up an anti bacterial soap, I rinse the pump and place it on a lotion or shower gel.
They have to be trimmed about an inch and they will only work on the signature series bottles. This is so much easier then tipping the bottle.
So ladies, save those pumps!!


  1. HI :) Sweetie your blog looks GREAT! Just wanted to stop by & see how it looked. Oh by the way on the pumps I save them & make my own ball jar soap dispensers :) Just get the lids put your little hole in it...not to big..then insert the pump.....PrIm HUGs Deb

  2. Great tip girlie! Love how the blog turned out!...welcome to blogland my friend!

  3. Thanks everyone!!
    I couldn't have done it without Charlene. I am still lost with a few things but I am sure I'll figure it out.
    And a big THANKS to Deb for making my template to match my Ebay. I like to keep things with a theme. Now if only I can figure out how to show my home, you all can peek inside!!

  4. I save those pumps & do the same thing that you do! It works really well when you you another bottle that does not have one.

  5. I think it's easier to pump your lotion/shower gel then turning the bottle upside down.