Thursday, March 19, 2009

I need some suggestions PLEASE!!!!

I picked this up during the holidays at Gaberial Brothers.
For the price, I figured I could re-do something with it. I completely forgot I had this until today when I was cleaning my craft room. The pictures are like wrapping paper.
My question is:
What would YOU suggest I do with this?

I would like something primitive without changing the frame. I love how the wood is without me touching it. At the top of the frame are hinges (not sure if you can see)


  1. Liz,
    Do you quilt? Or stitch? I have an old window above my bed with 4 panes in it, it's a horizontal window, so it's similar to what you have but with one more pane. Anyway, I made up four simple stars and each one on muslin, tea stained them then then hot glued them to the window. It was really simple and easy and I love it!

    Check out this post on my blog, it has a picture of it :)

  2. OMW.... that is such a fabulous frame!! I LOVE IT!! I've been looking for one similar.

    You can put quilt pieces in them, photographs (in color or b&w is cool), etc.

    How awesome.... now I have to really step up my search for one like it.